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We stock a wide range of quality branded tyres, with full fitting by our qualified professional staff.

We deal direct with UK tyre wholesalers to ensure that you get the best possible deal. We will source any brand that is not listed. Call us now on01773 811 542 for prices and availability.

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We also carry out tyre checking and puncture repairs.Along withwheel balancing using the latest Laser technology.

Its that time of year...

As the temperature in the UK starts to drop discussion naturally turns to winter tyres. After last seasons extremely heavy snow fall, people now understand winter tyres exist, but aren't quite sure which type of tyre or what brand of winter tyres is best.

Here at Colemans, our expert Winter Tyre fitting service will ensure you get the safest deal...

Watch this video before buying unbranded tyres!...



Winter tyres

Top Tips for checking tyre pressures correctly

1. Check your tyre pressure at least once a month.

2. Tyre pressure should be checked against the vehicle manufacturer's recommended level. This can be found in the vehicle handbook and on a plate which is often located inside the fuel filler flap or on the driver's door sill.

3. Check the pressure when tyres are cold (i.e. when you have travelled less than two miles).

4. If you are carrying a full load of passengers or luggage or will be towing a trailer or caravan, tyre pressures should be increased in line with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Details can be found in the handbook.


5. Ensure a reliable and accurate pressure gauge is used.

6. Check the pressure in all four tyres not forgetting to check the spare tyre as well.

7. While checking pressures, give the rest of the tyre a visual inspection. Remove any stones and other objects embedded in the tread. Look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts.

8. If you are unsure on any aspect of tyre pressure or tyre condition, call 01773 811 542 and speak to the experts at Colemans MOT and Tyre centre.


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